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About Us


Solplanet brand is a development of AISWEI, formerly SMA China


Our German origins guarantee quality and Bankability

Solplanet photovoltaic inverters are developed and made in compliance with German quality standards at our high-tech production sites by our development and manufacturing company AISWEI. AISWEI, also formerly known as SMA's Chinese subsidiary, is successfully manufacturing high-quality and reliable products for renowned brands like SMA since 2017 and previously for Zeversolar since 2013. 


In April 2019, AISWEI became an independent research, development and manufacturing company. In 2020 we introduce our own product brand Solplanet of high-quality reliable products for the international market, in compliance with German quality standards. A recent equity restructuring puts AISWEI on particularly strong financial footing within the industry.


Headquartered in Suzhou Jiangsu, near the Yangtze River delta AISWEI boasts research & development labs. Purchasing operations and manufacturing Facilities in Suzhou, Shanghai and Yangzhong. 

38-year Inheritance of Inverter Technology

38 years

1st Chinese company to obtain BDEW certificate


1st Chinese company to obtain VDE-AR-N 4105 certificate


1st Chinese company to obtain the latest SAA certificate


For the future of our planet, we bring power from the sun

At Solplanet we believe that the future of our planet relies on the Power of the Sun! As a matter of fact, all of nature relies on the Power of the sun, and so should we humans. That’s why we take some of the most fascinating and fundamental principles of nature and make it into advanced technology that brings power from the Sun into useful energy for everyone. We design high-quality reliable products that make it look as easy as Nature itself to get power from the sun.


Get your Solplanet products now.


Together we power the planet from the Sun.

Our vision

Be the most successful Chinese Solar String Inverter provider


We are in a people business. Trust and long-term relations with our international partners and customers are as important as the products and services we provide.

49 million

Registered capital 49 million dollars


Products are sold to more than 60 countries


Inheritance of
inverter technology





We provide competitive Solar Inverters, Solar Storage Solutions and Energy Management Systems that substantially improve your competitiveness.

We offer our technical competence and relentless quality focus with one goal in mind: To help you reach the next level of success.

Our team


Our employees are not just engineers, sales professionals or production experts. They are revolutionaries, giving their best to spread and implement the idea of energy for everybody. That's why they are our biggest assets and that's why they are awarded with more than just a satisfying career, but also with the knowledge that they are contributing to an important change of the world.

The solar revolution is going global, so it's important that it is led by an internationally experienced management team. Their expertise in running big multinational companies allows them to draw out the synergy of cooperation between different departments, from Research & Development and Operations to Sales and Marketing.

It is not a coincidence that AISWEI stands for everybody's right to access to solar power. Giving power to everybody is something our management believes in strongly. We are a company that not only respects every individual in our ranks, but also encourages the culture of free exchange of ideas and initiatives.

AISWEI New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
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AISWEI New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
AISWEI New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
AISWEI New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
AISWEI New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
AISWEI New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.