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All AISWEI products are produced as per high quality standards. We offer end users a standard warranty of up to 5 years without affecting the legal warranty provided by any wholesaler or retailer.
If you experience any problems during the period of your warranty, please contact our Customer Interaction Center to receive support from one of ours Service Specialists. If necessary, our logistics network will deliver a replacement inverter directly to you.
Click here to find the contact information of your local Customer Interaction Center. Or here to go directly to the Online Claim.

AISWEI Factory Warranty


Applies solely to the all products from AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd., include inverter and monitoring device.


Except that is otherwise specified in the purchasing contract, AISWEI grants end purchasers a 5 years factory warranty for all inverter and a 2 years factory warranty for all monitoring devices. The AISWEI factory warranty covers all for repair and spare parts for the agreed period of time, beginning from the earlier date of the following two:

Ÿ   First installation date or

Ÿ   6-months after the shipment dispatch date from AISWEI delivery.


AISWEI factory warranty is subject to the below specified conditions.


Warranty Conditions


If a device exhibits a defect within the agreed AISWEI factory warranty and provided that it will not be impossible or unreasonable, the device will be, as selected by AISWEI:

Ÿ   Repaired by AISWEI, or

Ÿ   Repaired on-site, or

Ÿ   Exchanged with replacement device of equivalent value according to model and age, including refurbished device.

The factory warranty includes the costs of AISWEI for work and material for the restoration of faultless functioning in AISWEI’s factory or for on-site repair work by AISWEI personnel. All other costs, particularly shipment costs, taxes, customs and duties, travel and accommodation costs of AISWEI personnel for on-site repairs as well as costs of the customer’s own employees are not included the factory warranty.


To determine the warranty entitlement, please submit a copy of the purchasing invoice. The type plate on the device must be completely legible. Otherwise, AISWEI is entitled to refuse to provide warranty services.


Please note that the factory warranty period of all repaired or replacement devices will undertake the remaining factory warranty period of the former faulty devices.


All warranty services are free of charge only if the course of action was agreed with AISWEI in advance.



Scope of the Factory Warranty


The factory warranty does not cover damages that occur due to the following reasons:


Ÿ   Transport of lifting damage

Ÿ   Incorrect installation or commissioning

Ÿ   Failure to observe the user manual, maintenance regulations and intervals

Ÿ   Modifications, changes, or attempted repairs

Ÿ   Incorrect use of inappropriate operation

Ÿ   Insufficient ventilation of the device

Ÿ   Failure to observe the applicable safety regulations

Ÿ   Force majeure (e.g. lighting, overvoltage, storm, fire)

Neither does it cover cosmetic defects that do not influence the energy production


Please report defective devices with a brief error description to our AISWEI Service line. If we agree to a replacement, we generally send an equivalent replacement device, packaged appropriately for transport The defective device is to be packed in this transport packaging for return transport to AISWEI.


Claims that go beyond the rights cited in the warranty conditions; in particular claims for compensation for direct or indirect damages arising from the defective device, for compensation for costs arising from disassembly and installation, or loss of profits are not covered by the factory warranty, insofar AISWEI is not subject to statutory liability.


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AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd.
AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd.
AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd.
AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd.
AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd.