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Customer Interaction Center

The AISWEI customer interaction service center is willing to provide you with all technical supports. Once the inverter is installed, if you have any question or need any help, you may contact our service team in the following ways and we will be glad to serve you.


Service hotline:

Dial our 7*24*365 service hotline to report malfunctions and inquire about technical problems.


On-site service:

Our experience technical service engineers offer you on-site debugging, repair, maintenance and other technical services and issue detailed service reports.


Customer training:

We provide well-designed theoretical and on-site technical training for our partners. 

If you need further assistance, please contact with our local service team.





Sales hotline: +61 39 098 86 74

Email: sales.au@solplanet.net

Service hotline: +61 39 098 86 74

E-mail:  service.au@solplanet.net


Service hotline: +86 400-801-9996

E-mail: service.china@aiswei-tech.com

The Netherlands

Sales hotline: +31 20 240 25 57

Email: sales.nl@solplanet.net

Service hotline: +31 20 800 48 44

E-mail:  service.eu@solplanet.net


Sales hotline: +48 60 072 17 91

Email: sales.pl@solplanet.net

Service hotline: +48 13 492 61 09

E-mail:  service.pl@solplanet.net


Sales hotline: +90 554 631 10 89

Email: sales.tr@solplanet.net

E-mail:  service.eu@solplanet.net



AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd.
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AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd.
AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd.
AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd.
AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd.
AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd.