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Residential Solutions

● Fast and accurate global peak tracking to maximize yield even in partial shading

● 150% DC/AC ratio with no derating at high temperatures

● Successfully passed over 1000 tests according to stringent German standards

● Stable operation even in a weak grid

● Plug-in connectors for installation without opening lid

● Intelligent monitoring,  operation and maintenance platform, improving service efficiency by 50%

Commercial Solutions

● 125% DC/AC ratio, high return with low LCOE

● Intelligent anti-PID technology to overcome PV module attenuation

● Successfully passed over 1000 tests according to stringent German standards

● Intelligent air cooling technology extends the lifetime of the inverter

● Multiple MPPT design, reducing yield loss caused by string mismatch

● Complete power class, with all standard communication solutions available

Energy Storage Solutions

● Smart combination of PV and storage system, lowering system cost

● Integrated smart energy management system, improving system economics 

●  Isolated low voltage battery 

● Good EMC performance, no harm to human health

● Automatic switch to EPS mode when grid fails,securing backup power supply

● Reconnects to the grid automatically when grid recovers; making it easy and convenient.

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